An automated feedback tool that identifies who your most satisfied customers are and what they want.

We are currently in our Alpha. Find out more about our service and request to participate in the Alpha below.

Easy to Use

Simple to use API. Custom integration support is available.

Stay In Control

You determine how often we survey your customers. Rest assured we don’t share your data or your customers’ data.

Here to Help

Interpret your own feedback or have one of our experts provide you summaries on a regular schedule.

A Product Roadmap Backed by Solid Data

We automate the collection and presentation of the customer feedback you need to maintain a product roadmap and write copy that resonates with your target audience. Our tool uses a four question survey to discover which product features you should actually build, the roles your most important users occupy in their own organizations, and the language they will respond to best in marketing copy.

Not a technical founder? We can build the integration for you. Don’t have time to review feedback? We can develop a custom, feedback-based product roadmap for you. Request a demo below or go ahead and sign up to start getting feedback as soon as tomorrow.

Get Started Today!

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